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Humorous commercials I have written and produced
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Copy for radio spots:
Unparalleled quality and an exceptional value that’s DC Tuxedos, featuring Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Andrew Fezza and other leading designers.  At DC Tuxedos you’ll find 25 styles of tuxedos with over 60 colors and styles of vests plus the attention to detailed service that has made DC Tuxedos the formal wear choice of over 100,000 satisfied customers from Price to the Point of the Mountain. DC Tuxedos never cuts corners on the quality of their products however they continue to be a leader in cutting prices, with tuxedos starting at just $29 complete, which includes your vest, tie and jewelry. Add to that their unmatched inventory and professional staff dedicated to making your experience a most pleasant one and it’s no small wonder they’ve built a business on repeat customers. You see, DC Tuxedos isn’t trying to be like any other tuxedo shop, and they’ve succeeded. Give them a call at 377- 7-8-2-8, 377  78, 28 and get in touch with the formal wear choice of most of the pageants in Utah County, DC Tuxedos, at Brigham’s Landing on the University Parkway in Provo.
You love her, you’re in love with her and have been for a long time. You want to give her the perfect night, to show her that she owns your heart and always will. This time flowers and dinner out just isn’t enough. This night you want to be much more than ordinary, this night you want to be extraordinary. This time, it’s time for the Hines Mansion, Utah Valley’s most romantic getaway where you can choose from nine different rooms including; The Penthouse, The Lodge, and Winter Dreams. Experience the luxury of your in room Jacuzzi and enjoy delectable snacks and a gourmet breakfast in an atmosphere of Victorian splendor. Click on hines mansion dot com or pick up the phone and make your reservation for romance and recapture the magic in your marriage. The Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast, 374- 8-4-0-0, 374-8400. Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast, come, the memories are waiting. 
TV commercial script:
Two men at an electronics store, one is getting a 13” TV the other a nice big screen.

Scene: Both are close to the check out counter. Man #1 has the small boxed TV in his hands and sets it down on the counter and begins conversation with Man #2.

Man #1: Oh, were you in line?

Man #2: No just here to get a TV.

Man #1: Me too. (lifts box a little to indicate he has his) My wife and I will really enjoy this. We’ve wanted a TV in the bedroom for sometime and thanks to the money I saved on our auto insurance by going on line and doing the rate comparison I found  the best deal and  saved enough on our insurance this year to treat ourselves to this new TV.

Man #1: Well talk about a coincidence I’m here picking up a new TV due to what I saved this year by going with Lender Insurance and Bear River Mutual.

(Just then an employees calls out, “Jennings.”)

Man #2: That’s me.

(Employee has a Big Screen TV on a dolly)

Man #2: My trucks the red one just outside the door.

Employee rolls dolly with TV toward door while Man #1 looks at his TV then back at the Big Screen being rolled out with a look on his face that says it all.

V.O. Lender Insurance, you’ll be surprised at the savings and really enjoy the shopping.

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