About Dana, Mr. Media 
I began in radio during my senior year in High School when I was asked to report High School news.

In college I was selected to be the emcee for one of the university performing groups that toured twice a year. Since my college days I have been the emcee for pageants, city and county events, concerts, and charitable non-profit organizations, including SCERA.

Throughout the 80’s I kept busy doing hundreds of radio commercials, writing, producing and voicing. I also was a producer and  host on talk radio.

The 90’s brought the opportunity for television commercials, infomercials, industrial videos,  and to work with SCERA as both a fundraiser and Events Director.

Since 2000 I’ve enjoyed doing the kind of work I did in both the 80’s and 90’s and have added calling parades and my own cable television talk show (Spotlight), which ran for 7 years.

In my 25 year career in the areas of Advertising, Marketing, Publicity, Promotions and Public Relations I have had over 350 clients, working from Los Angeles to Nashville.

I write copy professionally year round, do both business and entertainment consulting, create Electronic Press Kits, brochures and presentations. 

At the present time I continue to do my freelance work as Mr. Media.

"Creating Success One Client at a Time"