About Us
I began in radio during my senior year in High School when I was asked to report High School news.

In college I was selected to be the emcee for one of the university performing groups that toured twice a year. Since my college days I have been the emcee for pageants, city and county events, concerts, and charitable non-profit organizations, including SCERA.

Throughout the 80’s I kept busy doing hundreds of commercials plus talk radio.

The 90’s brought the opportunity for television commercials, infomercials, industrial videos, a myriad of radio and television commercials and to work with SCERA as both a fundraiser and Events Director.

Since 2000 I’ve enjoyed doing the kind of work I did in both the 80’s and 90’s and have added calling parades and my own cable television talk show (Spotlight), which ran for 7 years.

In my 25 year career in the areas of Advertising, Marketing, Publicity, Promotions and Public Relations I have had over 300 clients, working from Los Angeles to Nashville.

I served as the Chairman of Spanish Fork’s Sesquicentennial Celebration, served on the Arts Council for over 10 years, and have been the emcee for numerous Spanish Fork city events as well as one of the on air hosts of the Fiesta Days Parade, Children’s Parade and Lights Parade.

At the present time I continue to do my freelance work as Mr. Media.

"Creating Success One Client at a Time"